​​About the

Garden Club

of Inverness


The Garden Club of Inverness was established in 1941 and is the oldest association in the Village of Inverness, Illinois.  The Garden Club continues today as an active and vibrant organization in the Village of Inverness.

Mission Statement-

The Garden Club of Inverness is dedicated to educating members about gardening, promoting the preservation of native plants, trees and flowers and encouraging beautification, scholarship and environmental awareness within the community.

Guests -

Guests are always welcome at the General monthly meetings.

Membership -

Membership in the Garden Club of Inverness is open to all.

Dues are currently $30 per year.  Members receive a club year book, containing all the club year information and a subscription to Garden Glories magazine from the Garden Clubs of Illinois.

Affiliations -         Garden Club of Inverness is a member of

The Garden Clubs of Illinois (District IX)

National Garden Clubs, Inc. (Central Region)